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Lewis and Susan Smith
Staff Logan
Lewis grew up in a ministry a lot like TFC Connection. Because of this kind of ministry, he fell in love with TFC. As a ministry that is involved with several communities…
Rob and Taffy Lewis
Staff Southern Valley
Rob Lewis joined the TFC Staff in 2007 after having volunteered as a helper at the Southern Valley TFC group. He is the Southern Valley Director and brings his…
April Teves
Staff Logan Wakeeney
Arnie and April moved to Logan, Kansas in October of 2009. April’s grandfather’s family homesteaded south of Logan and she grew up coming to Logan every year for family reunions.
Billy Cayou
Staff Phillipsburg
Billy grew up in Oxford, Nebraska and was a part of Southern Valley TFC throughout Middle School and High School. During college…
Ethan Rose
Staff Thunder Ridge
Ethan’s TFC journey began as a teenager in the Eastern Heights TFC group in Agra, KS. Throughout his high school years his involvement in the ministry grew…
Lavonne Ponstein
Staff Disciplemaking Coach
Lavonne joined the TFC adventure back in 1983. For years she worked directly with students as a leader of the weekly Connection groups.
Brian and Julie Fischer
Staff Executive Director Phillipsburg
As a teenager Brian was a part of the Golden Plains Youth For Christ ministry at Northern Valley and he participated in events like Bible quizzing and monthly rallies.
Chris and Abbie Cochrun
Staff Northern Valley
Chris and Abbie Cochrun serve together on TFC Staff! Chris grew up in Agra KS as a part of the Eastern Heights TFC group, Abbie grew up as a part of the Northern Valley TFC group…
Janice Lundquist
Staff Alumni Coordinator Thunder Ridge
In the fall of 1981, Janice Lundquist became a part of the TFC Staff. She has served in and enjoyed almost every aspect of the ministry during that time.