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TFC Camp Recap and New Year Plans - July and August Newsletter
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Chris & Abbie Cochrun Northern Valley Camp
TFC Camp is over and WOW has it been an adventure! From NVTFC, we had 9 kids total come to camp. Our theme this year was Simon Says, and we dove very deeply into the life and growth of Simon Peter. Throughout our 2 weeks of camp, we saw a lot of students grow in huge ways as they got to see themselves in Peter's life.
2023 TFC Camp - Simon Says
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Camp Simon Says
At TFC Camp this year, we looked long and hard at Simon Peter and learned how God takes ordinary people and transforms them for His extraordinary purposes!
Camp Prayer Warriors
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ministry event Camp
Bond together with others to pray for TFC Camp
Our Growing Family 👶
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Chris & Abbie Cochrun Northern Valley Camp
This month has been quite crazy, and yet, not much has been done in TFC land. Just, ya know, two mission trips, a staff retreat to work on our plans for the next year, and a whole lot of TFC camp planning!