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These ministries are at the heart of TFC. We do our absolute best to make sure all things we do are centered around God making disciples of young people.

Connection Groups
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The heartbeat of TFC is the weekly connection meeting. In locations where TFC provides community youth groups, connection meetings are held weekly…
Special Events
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Understanding that growing as a disciple is a process, through the years TFC has supplemented what was taught in weekly meetings with a variety of training and/or refreshing “getaway” opportunities.
Mission Trip
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Our desire to see teenagers develop a heart for missions was the main force behind the development of mission trip opportunities over 30 years ago.
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2022 Camp Picture After attending large youth camps in the Kansas City area for several years in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the ministry leadership decided to begin designing their own camp experience locally in Southern Nebraska.
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In 2014 TFC developed this mission trip opportunity in response to the need for short local mission trip experiences. These trips focus on serving rural communities…
Associate Groups
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As a ministry we felt God calling us to begin investing in people who were wanting to work with youth in rural communities in this region so we created a structure…
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Over the course of 40 years of ministry many teens have made their way through the “halls” of TFC Connection.
Within the ministry of TFC there are several opportunities for volunteers to be involved in ministry with teenagers. The weekly meetings are one of the main opportunities…
TFC provides opportunities to gain hands on experience in rural youth ministry through one of three internship programs. Each of these internship opportunities…
Since disciplemaking is the heartbeat of TFC Connection, one of the services TFC offers is individual coaching with an emphasis on helping people discover…