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Local Mission Trip Form

If you’d like to still do a mission trip of some kind, but the other dates do not work for you or you do not feel ready for a longer trip, then this is the trip for you! Sign up here now!

Mission Trip Agreement

In order to fill out the application, you must agree to the following!

  • I agree to obey all rules and guidelines that TFC Connection and other associated ministries establish, realizing they have my best interest and welfare in mind. I will trust their judgment and obey them. The staff have the right to confront me if they see a problem in my attitude or in my obeying the rules.
  • I acknowledge that I am expected to do my share of the work on the mission trip and I will be willing to do what is asked of me with an “I’d be glad to” attitude.
  • I will work at making this mission trip a priority! even if other events come up after I am accepted on a mission trip, I will commit to still go on this trip.

Mission Trip Application